The Sanctuaries | Washington, DC


Poem: "Sacred"

is my life, not sacred?

not worth clean water?

not worth fresh air, or your respect?

i was created, like you, in the image of the Divine

breath blown in my nostrils

Holy breath,

fresh air, blown in my nostrils, filling my limp body with life

is my life not sacred?

every morning, I rise

rising to new mercies, but quickly

i am reminded of the struggle, of existing, in this body,

with this nose, and this hair, and your perception of my soul

i can’t breathe

your knee is in my chest

my hands are up, still you shoot

we’ve been living in this neighborhood for decades,

and you are wiping it all away

Is my life not sacred?

can you not see it?

veils covering your eyes,

green, clouding your vision, cutting you off from my humanity

but, we are human beings, sacred beings, sacred lives, like you.


Shae Washington is a member of The Collective at The Sanctuaries, a diverse arts community with soul in Washington, DC.

She is passionate about creating and presenting work that will awaken needed change in our society. A lover of coffee, Jesus, and her soon to be wife, Shae is committed to building bridges and pursing social justice. Shae is an experienced facilitator, guiding groups with care through issues of race and racism, gender and sexuality, and conflict resolution. She spent 5 years as the Assistant Artistic Director and co-facilitator for City at Peace — a youth development program where diverse youth grow as artists and change makers, through using the performing arts to examine and respond to the systems of power and oppression in our society that marginalize some while advancing others. Shae tweets @cre8inspirelove.

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