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Your words are deep

We received so many strong applications.

Narrowing the field down to 20 finalists is going to be incredibly difficult. Let alone when we have to pick the final 10. Each applicant has an important story to tell.

So what are we looking for?

Three things, really:

  1. A commitment to your craft -- we're not looking for perfection, but how serious are you about developing your artistic voice? 
  2. A strong sense of self -- we certainly don't expect you to have everything figured out (who does?), but do you have a clear sense of what makes your voice unique?
  3. A reason to be here -- there are other opportunities out there to meet great people and make great art (our community being one of them!), so why is the collective the right fit?

By reading these applications, we're learning a lot about the spirit of people in this city, and it's so damn exciting to see how much art and soul is in our midst.

For example...

Here are a couple of our favorite excerpts from your personal statements:

"I believe a big part of our individual and societal challenges are not problems of social mechanics ultimately, but a lack of soul - meaning depth, beauty and realness within ourselves and the world around us."

"My determination is to work as an artist, who is also a Black queer non-binary trans woman. When I create and perform my work, I bring myself, my identities, and my communities with me, in the same space of both pages and stages."

"Poetry has long been my best bridge to myself, the one way I could cut through the noise and reach something that felt alive and true. What finally let me cross that bridge, though, what let me sit with myself on the other side, was the bubbling up of a new spirituality. One that took me completely by surprise and taught me that a relationship to the divine could mean something other than guilt and shame."


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