The Sanctuaries is a collaborative community where leadership is shared.

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Rev. Erik, Co-Director

Rev. Erik W. Martínez Resly is a visual artist, community organizer, and ordained Unitarian Universalist minister. He grew up in Germany and studied at Brown University and Harvard Divinity School.

Ahmane', Co-Director

Ahmane' Glover is a community organizer and healing artist who uses the transformative tools of spoken word. She graduated from the Inner Visions Institute for Spiritual Development and Loyola University New Orleans.



Chimdi Ihezie

Jennifer Kouakeu

Okezie Nwoka

Kevon Paynter

Arts Team Leaders

Valentina Raman

Arvind Venugopal

Keron Ifill

Hope Sorensen


Nando Alvarez

Ahmane' Glover

Brittany Koteles

Danielle Ceribo


Jose Penaherrera

Greg Moohn

Aubrey Gemignani

Julio Jimenez

2017 Summer Interns

Chris Harris is currently a graduate student at Wake Forest University School of Divinity and a graduate of Morehouse College. Chris is also a native of Clayton, North Carolina. In his spare time, he enjoys reading, traveling and listening to music.

Ainae Nielsen was born and raised in Washington, DC. She is the owner of Rezerved Parking, an art and clothing company, and will be studying business marketing in the fall of 2017.

Anju Madhok is a student at Wellesley College studying Psychology and Women’s and Gender Studies, concentrating in Education. She cares about the intersection of education, music, and community building. She enjoys going for walks while listening to podcasts, making sandwiches at El Table Cooperative Cafe where she works, and producing and performing her own music.

Vy Vu is from Hanoi, Vietnam and studies English and Studio Art at The College of Wooster. She loves writing and making art, and is committed to working toward community empowerment.

Marisa Benson a passionate and adventurous young woman who is invested in artistic self expression. She is committed to community and personal growth as a path towards living more connected and meaningful lives.

The Celía Burke Award for Community Leadership

This award celebrates leaders who have made a lasting impact on The Sanctuaries through their commitment to its vision and care for its people. The award is named after Celía Burke, who discovered our community in 2013 in the midst of significant spiritual confusion and life transitions. She quickly became an active participant, workshop facilitator, Core Team member, and co-leader of the Performance Team, before leaving the District to study urban planning in 2016.

2016 Awardee: Celía Burke

2017 Awardee: Aden van Noppen

Founding Leaders

Jerrilyn Black

Celia Burke

Sharon Ha

Ah-reum Han

Annie Hodges

Rania Jaziri

Julio Jimenez

Erin Johnson

Clara Knausenberger

Crystal Mann

Osa Obaseki

Priya Parrotta

Kevon Paynter

Jason Phillips

Jess Rimington

Jenny Sammons

James Sampson

Damien Skinner

Jazmine Steele

Casper ter Kuile

Aden Van Noppen

Kayla Williams

Founding Members

Segun Adelegan

Ayari Aguayo-Ceribo

Jason Biehl

Hannah Borowski

Sophie Brock

David Bronstein

Dior Brown

Laura Burge

Katie Byron

Bennett Crawford

Jojo Donovan

Alecia Duncan-Thomas

Hannah Dwertman  

Jessica Epperson-Lusty

Jocelyn Fong

Alanna Ford

Kimberly Frisch

Aubrey Gemignani

Rodrigo Gramajo

Nikki Hatch

Keron Ifill

Luzette Jaimes

Wendy Jason

Elizabeth Jenkins-Sahlins

Hokuma Karimova

Muneer Kirmani

Brittany Koteles

Jenine Kotob

Jennifer Kouakeu

Akiva Landsman

Alana Landsman

Sula Litvin

Megan Loucks

Chrissy Macken

Candace Martin

Megan McFeeley

Verena McKenzie

Neha Misra

Noreen Nasir

Okezie Nwoka

Brendan Orsinger

Sonaly Patel

Sid Radhakrishna

Kiersten Rosetto

Zulekha Sayyed

Lauren Schreiber

Chloe Schwabe

Seth Shamon

Hope Sorensen

Adiel Suarez-Murias

Patrice Sulton

Jenny Suzdak

Arvind Venugopal

Ryan Weeks

March Wood