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"This is very exciting! I'm so grateful to be part of this AMAZING community."
~ Alecia


Find your people.

Our members are some of the most creative and soulful people in the city. Go to a concert. Work together on a project. Meet your next best friend.


Blow your mind.

We host some of the most unique events, workshops, and retreats in the city, where members teach and learn from one another.


Make your art count.

Whether you're an expert or a newbie, our member-only Arts Teams will help you hone your craft and collaborate on projects that promote justice.


Invest in your values.

Our community is created by its members. Invest your time, money, and passion into something that you really believe in.


Become a Member today!

There are just two simple steps:


1. Tell us about yourself.

The more we know about who you are and what you love, the better we can get you connected to the community. 

2. Set up your donation.

We ask each member to contribute $15+ per month. Our average donation is $25. If you are facing a financial hardship, please give what you can.